A&C provides buyers, sellers, residential and commercial real estate owners and agents with important information essential to evaluating a property’s condition. Through inspection, consultation and detailed reporting we review:

• Ventilation
Attic ventilation and insulation play an important role in moisture, condensation, roof life and so much more – truly a key factor in how your home is functioning.

• Heating & Cooling
We look at the age, condition, safety, fuel-supply, venting components and visible portions of the distribution system of each system including wall units.

• Structure
We complete a thorough, visual inspection on the inside and outside of the structure from the attic to the foundation. We check accessible load-bearing members and other structural components found in basements and crawlspaces, floor slabs and floor framing, siding, wall-cladding systems, windows, doors, porches, decks, patios and stairways.

• Roof
We will perform a visual inspection of both the exterior roof and attic areas. The type, style, layers, quality, installation and more are checked, along with flashing, skylights, chimneys, gutters and downspouts.

• Drainage
Proper drainage and its effects on the foundation are very important. Inadequate or reversed drainage and grading cause most water problems. Proper gutters and downspouts are another key component moisture control.

• Electrical
We check for double tapping, undersize wiring, open wiring, undersized services as well as random testing of outlets, switches and lights inside and out.

• Plumbing
Visible fixtures, pipes and drains are tested for operation and adequate water flow, water pressure and drainage.

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